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May Sartoris

Lord Frederick Leighton

May Sartoris - Lord Frederick Leighton -

Title:May Sartoris
Painted by:Lord Frederick Leighton

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In 1996 I entered the choir room and a fellow choir member said "I saw your portrait at the Kimbell yesterday." Really? Curious, after church I immediately moseyed over to the museum. I was standing looking at this portrait when another museum visitor walked up and stood viewing Miss May. After a moment I said to her, "A friend at church said I look like this woman." She turned to me, screamed, and I stood quite still because I knew we were in big trouble. The guards came running around the corners and her husband, too, as she yelled, "She looks just like her! Oh my goodness, they are exactly the same!" So, the two guards and husband look at this portrait and back at me and agree that there was a definite similarity. I look nothing like her today, but I guess, for a moment in time, I did. I have a niece who looks like her, I think, and we are English, so who knows. I do adore her outfit.
Miss May
Posted by LaVonne on 22.March 2009, 17:35

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